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After lots of thought, projects, and parties, I figured it’s about time to post about this stuff.  I mean a lot of mental energy, and creativity, not to mention man hours go into my crazy whims, but I’m having so much fun!!  So, why not share about my chronicles, right?!

It’s taken me a little while to get here, mostly because I was scared, really scared to share, and be vulnerable with the world.  But one thing has been replaying in my mind over and over again lately, and it has given me a boost in courage: we only get this one life, one span of time in this lovely world, and I only have one chance to live out my life to the fullest, there is no one else who can do it for me.  So I must be “ALL IN”!  There will always be someone better at things then me, and that’s ok, in fact, its great.  I want to celebrate those who are fabulous around me, and share my little bit of fabulous with the world, give it all I’ve got, and hopefully I can inspire others to do the same.

So here it is…check it out, read it, be inspired to dream for your self, to make your life and the things in it beautiful, and enjoy every single minute of it!!   I’ll be learning all about this blog thing, putting text to my adventures, and updating as much as I can, and hope you enjoy reading, as much as I enjoy doing.

So dive in, and let me know your thoughts, and what creative things you are up to.

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  1. kerri says: Reply

    Oh my goodness…I clicked on to see what amazing thing you had created and it’s a BLOG!!! So excited for you I got tears in my eyes as I read your words. You are SO talented and creative and don’t EVER doubt it. So proud of this and hope it inspires so many to do a little bit of the fabulous stuff you do in your everyday life. You go girl!

    1. stephanie prendergast says: Reply

      Oh thank you for your kind words Kerri! I appreciate them so much!!

  2. lorna perry says: Reply

    congts Stephanie on your DYI site.. fo sure it will be very creative and fun.. you have such great ideas and sharing them with all will be awesome..looking forward to following u,, luv your north pole station,,bet your girls luv it even more!!…

    1. stephanie prendergast says: Reply

      Thank you Aunt Lorna for your nice words, and thanks for reading!! The girls do love it!!

  3. Kylie says: Reply

    You are beautiful and inspirational as is this post!! Xoxo

  4. Jen Lenon says: Reply

    Very excited for you, Stephanie! Can’t wait to read future posts!

    1. stephanie prendergast says: Reply

      Thanks Jen!!

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