Simple Christmas Ornament Garland

I had a few extra Christmas ornaments left over from decorating the tree, and they were too adorable to put back in the box.  These whimsical skates and trees were inspiring me.  How cute would they look strung together over my mantle!  This project was easy and took me a total of 15 minutes to do.  You can do this with any ornaments and ribbon or string you have laying around the house. It’s so simple.

I used twine and measured it out so it would hang nicely across my fireplace mantle.  I left a little room on each end and tied a loop, so it will easily hang from your mantle.


Next, I strung the ornaments on the twine by tying knots around the ornament strings, making sure they were placed equally across the whole piece of twine.  And that’s it.  A pretty, simple Christmas ornament garland to adorn your mantle.


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