Valentine’s Day Activities – Notes of Love

As we approach the big day of “love”, I thought I would take advantage of Valentines day and use it as a reminder for our family in how we should speak and act towards each other.  I don’t know about you, but there are seasons in our little family when our words and actions get all out of sorts.  Some of us get into the habit of making not so nice remarks, pushing each other’s buttons, and being easily irritated, and when this goes on a too long, it’s a recipe for dysfunctional communication.


My daughters are typical siblings – they get along fairly well, and for the most part, they absolutely adore each other.  However, there are times when a switch is flipped, and my sweet girls start dueling it out world war three style.  They have a whole love/hate thing going on, and it can get mean, harsh, and out of control!  This has been tough to watch, and there are times it has affected me in not so glorious ways, and I admit, I play along with my lack of patience, and shortness.   With Valentines day approaching, it hit me as an opportunity to switch it up, and really zero in on how we should care for each other.  As parents, my husband and I try to nourish a culture of respect, kindness, and encouragement, however, lately, this has gotten off track.  In life, I find this is quite easy to do.   We’ve been a little more stressed and tired than usual, and I realized we needed to hit the reset button.  This is a practical Valentine’s Day exercise and that I hope will help us refocus on how we should be treating each other.  The more we practice being kind, and using encouraging words, the easier and more natural it becomes for us and our kids.  So here’s a simple, fun, and intentional activity we are doing heading into Valentines day to practice kindness and love.  Join us!  Here’s to setting up your family for a big win, and hopefully by Valentines Day you’ll all be pro’s at spreading the love!

Valentine’s Day Activities:


A Box/Basket/Jar of some sort to collect “notes of love”.  I found this box at Michaels, we decorated it with heart stickers, and this pretty gold scalloped ribbon.


A collection of small letters/cards/notes.  I found many of these at my local dollar store, but you can simply cut heart shapes out of construction paper or scrapbook paper.


Stickers, embellishments, washi tape, stamps, markers, crayons, pencils, envelopes and labels.  Again, I found these at the dollar store and Michaels.


How To:

  1. We are using this as a countdown to Valentines day, so each day, each member of the family is encouraged to create a “note of love” for another family member.  It can be one brief thing that they appreciate about the other person, a compliment, or something they would like to do for the other person, or perhaps for smaller children it maybe a picture.  The focus is to practice kindness, encouragement, and thinking about others.  Decorate your note with stickers, embellishments, and art work…get creative!    20160202_115245
  2. Once the “note of love” is complete, place the note in an envelope and address with the family members name.20160202_110508
  3. Then put the note in the box or jar for the person to read the next day.  The jar/box is checked at the same time each day, (for instance, breakfast or dinner together) and family members will receive a special note from someone in the family.20160202_115934 (1)
  4. Save these notes, and then on Valentines day, you can read them again, or post them somewhere central for everyone to see and celebrate.  We love holidays, so of course, Valentines Day will be celebrated with some kind of festivity, and we will include these notes of love to help each family member feel celebrated & special.


Do you do anything special with your family during Valentines?  I’d love to hear about it!

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