Trendy Christmas Decor

I am absolutely in love with the trendy black & white and gold decor this season and wanted to bring a little into my Christmas decor without blowing my budget.  For inexpensive trendy Christmas decor, I used various forms of gift packaging, and there are so many pretty options out there in any style or trend you may fancy.  So here are some inexpensive ways to bring the trends into your home for the holidays.


Gift Boxes

I came across these gorgeous gift boxes at Homesense, and was inspired.  They are too pretty to leave just as a box, so why not use them to spruce up the decor. This is ridiculously simple!


Step 1:  Take cover off of gift box

Step 2: Place the top cover on a shelf or hang on the wall alone or in a collage, and you are done!  The boxes cost $3.99-$5.99.  Such a inexpensive way to add some style to your Christmas decor.


Gift Bags:

Next I found this pretty set of coordinating gift bags.  I had a couple of gold frames laying around, an obvious pairing together. These seasonal frames are on sale everywhere right now.   But why  not make you own!  The gift bags I used rage from $2.00 for a single one, and $5.00 for the set.

Step 1:  Cut design out with template.  I used the piece of paper backing that came with the frame as a template, and simply cut the design out from the gift bag.

Step 2: Place in the frame.  Voila!




This beautiful wine gift bag was a must, featuring a gold sparkly nutcracker…how handsome is he?  For this one, it was just a little adjustment with scissors and glue.

Step 1:  Cut the handle off the bag with scissors.

Step 2:  Fold the top over and glue into place.

This glitzy guy now stands on his own.  A stylish nutcracker to display for the total cost of $2!



The last trick I used was the most simple.  This adorable gold foil deer card came from a package of 4 for $1.50 at Michaels.  What a steal!   It’s a one-step process: I simply placed the card in the gold frame, and done!  So easy right?!






And now to style.  I finished the shelf off by adding gold and sparkly accent pieces using Christmas ornaments, tea light holders and a mirror, and there you have it.  A inexpensive & easy way to decorate with the latest trends!  So pretty in Black, White & Gold.


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    Luvin your new website!

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      Thank you Sheila!

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      Thanks Kylie!

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    You are so gifted Steph! I love DIY blogs and look forward to all your future posts 🙂

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      Thanks Jen!

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    Absolutely brilliant!

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    So creative! You’re good at what you do, Steph!

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      Thanks for the encouraging words Julia!

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    Can I pay you to come help me figure out my bedroom decor? You are so good at these things.

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      Thanks Mel!! And anytime 😉

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