Simple Ways to Decorate with Ornaments

Holiday decorations can seem overwhelming for many of us.  There are so many options, trends, work, and let’s be honest, after decorating the tree, we are spent!  Well here are a few simple ways to add some holiday touches to your home, without spending a lot of money or time.  Using leftover Christmas ornaments is an easy and budget-friendly option. Simple ways to decorate with Ornaments – Here’s some practical tips to spruce up your decor with items you have already.


Place Ornaments that match your Christmas decor into a pretty bowl.  Instant Christmas glam!  This is a great option for kitchen tables.1.5

Serving Trays:

Using a serving tray, place a variety of ornaments in coordinating colors around each level.  This is so easy, and so pretty.


Candle Holders:

Have a favorite ornament, or perhaps one that has special meaning?  Place it on a candle holder or cake stand, put some greenery or other smaller ornaments around.  It will stand out and sparkle on it’s own, giving you another decor option.


Glass Jars & Vases:

Glass apothecary jars are pretty all on their own, but add a few of your favorite ornaments, and together they sing!  If you don’t have a glass jar as fancy as this, no problem, use any kind of glass vase or container you have on hand.  The sparkle and glitz from the ornaments will make it look like a million bucks.



Items you have already:

Add ornaments with decor pieces you already have.  This gives the little bit of sparkle you look for during the holidays.  This works great with candle holders.  Below I had a lantern and an indoor greenhouse that I use in my everyday decor.  I popped in a few bulbs, and insta-Christmastifcation!




Have a tray you aren’t using? Place a few candle holders in the middle, add some ornaments and you have a coffee table ready piece that shouts you are holiday ready!   Below I did two versions, with two different types of candle holders.   When the candles are lit, the bulbs sparkle, and it looks magical.



May you find easy, budget-friendly ways to make your home look ready for the holidays.  Happy Decorating!

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  1. lorna perry says: Reply

    so gonna put some ornaments in my lantern!! thanxs great idea..

    1. stephanie prendergast says: Reply

      Happy to help 🙂

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