I tend to live with my head in the clouds.  Day dreaming is a legitimate real problem for me.   My creativity runs wild, and that’s the way I love it!  I try desperately to balance my over-the-top dreams with reality, which is quite the struggle!  

The desire to not settle for mundane or ordinary, keeps me busy with DIYing anything I can get my hands on.  I truly believe that celebrating life should happen all the time, like whenever you can have a party, you should!  This makes lavish and over-the-top events a regular occurrence, even though my husband frets every time I mention the word “party”, due to my ridiculous in-over-her-head projects, which may have produced crying fests in the past.   I love to the take in the beauty around me, and am always on the hunt for potential.  

In my regular life, I live in London, Ontario (a lovely city in Southwestern Ontario) I am a wife, and mom to two spunky, darling girls, who keep me barely balancing reality with my idealistic and advantageous side. I’m originally an east coast gal, and have a deep love for nature, especially the ocean. More then anything, I love people.  The world is filled with creative beautiful people, and I hope to learn and grow from them because their uniqueness is amazing!  When I’m not DIY-ing, I love to be with the fam jam, hang out in my joggers and dig in to delicious things.